Elite Family Premium Membership

What could be better than expressing your love toward your family and loved ones with a premium present attached with such sentimental value as Elite Family Premium Membership to enable them to enjoy the same exclusive privileges and services as yours for memorable moments together in Thailand.
Subject to
validity of
core member
THB for
Membership Fee
(Vat Included)
Visa Validity
THB for
Annual Fee
(Vat Included)

Privilege Include :

Limousine Service (Unlimited Time/Year)

Limousine Service (Unlimited Time/Year)

  • Short Haul (50-80 Km) (International Flight Only
Adventure Activities (10 Time/Year)

Adventure Activities (10 Time/Year)

  • Golf/Golf Course
  • Boxing Class
  • Outdoor Activities
Relaxation (10 Time/Year)

Relaxation (10 Time/Year)

  • Aroma Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Spa Package (12-Year/Time)

Membership transfer

  • One-time transferable only to immediate family*

Membership Transfer Condition

  • 1 Time Only to immediate family

Membership Transfer Fee

  • 20% of Prevailing Rate

Privilege Entry Visa

  • Renewable five-year multiple entry visa with extendable one-year length of stay per each entry

Arrival and Departure

  • VIP greeting and escort on arrival and departure in Bangkok and Phuket by Elite Personal Assistants
  • Expedited through immigration and passport control processing
  • Exclusive arrival and departure lounges
  • Complimentary limousine transfer from airport to residence or hotel (within Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Samui) on international flights

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