Privacy Policy

Your personal information is significant in helping us provide our exceptional service. Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. (“Company”) understands the value of your information. We respect your privacy and intend to offer the best services for all members of the Thailand Privilege Card. Furthermore, as your trust is important to us, please be advised that our Privacy Policy keeps your personal information secure, and respects your privacy. This is a serious concern. This Privacy Policy covers our collection, use and disclosure of information which we gather through our website and services.

Visiting the website

The external users or the Members of Thailand Privilege Card are entitled access to the website to search for products, services, and information of the Company without any need for notification. No users have the right to replicate or disseminate proprietary information of the Company as displayed on the website or newsletters from the Company. The Company can continually modify the website by using software to collect information about searching habits of the external users and members. The objective is to develop the website for more appropriate use to each target group. The information the Company collects includes: dates and times visiting the website, pages browsing, the time spent, and various kinds of searching. The Company has the right to monitor the searching information of external users or its Members of Thailand Privilege Card, use the information system and use the service of the Company with the security system that has cookies for checking the correctness of user information. The “Cookie System” is the information that we transfer from our website to user’s computer. The Company uses “session cookies” to keep you logged in while using our services, to better understand how you interact with our services, and to monitor aggregate usage and web traffic information. Session cookies disappear when you log out and close your browser.